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What Makes Us Different

Our approach to coaching and consulting individuals and teams is to come from a place of authenticity, deep listening and empowering people’s creativity. We create a safe, challenging and collaborative environment for exploring possibilities and creating positive change.

Our goal is great, sustainable results. We work with you over time, so your insights and learning can be explored, integrated and sustained.

At The Centre for Leading and Living, we focus on true transformational leadership. This involves a blended approach of personal growth and development, leadership assessment tools, as well as support for organizational change that utilizes a values-based approach to strategic change.

Our Philosophy

At the very core of our being is who we are as a leader. Without knowing what’s important to us, what we stand for, and what our purpose is, we cannot expect to lead our lives, our businesses, our careers, or others. If we truly want to be successful as a leader, we must realize that true transformation comes from the deepest level first to solidify the behavioural changes required for high performance.

Most of us tend to think of leadership as an external event. In other words, it’s seen as something people do. It focuses on competencies and capabilities. Our belief about leadership is that it is something we are. And if you accept that definition, leadership then is more than just a role we play and the external results we achieve;

true leadership requires a deeper awareness about ourselves – our passions, values, purpose, and vision. It’s about understanding the complexities of our mind, thus providing a well-rounded approach to leadership.” – Louise Veres

What We Stand For

We believe that Actions speak louder than words.

We believe in being Courageous, in Facing our Fears and in taking Risks in order to grow.

We believe in Life Long Learning and Asking for Help when needed.

We believe whole heartedly in acting from a place of Integrity and Honesty.

We believe in Excellence, in being Organized and Professional and treating others with Respect.

We believe in Nurturing, being Compassionate & Caring, even if it means being Vulnerable.

We believe in Freedom in living full-out, in living and leading with Passion and being surrounded by a Community of like-minded individuals to help us grow and succeed.

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