I have worked with Louise one-on-one and with my staff team. I admire how actively she listens and is able to identify issues, barriers and fears that were ultimately holding me and my team back from reaching our true potential. She peeled back these layers in a compassionate way, giving us the tools to put our desires into action. It gave us the confidence to make decisions and set a clearly defined path for success.

Senior Manager, Recreation Services
Municipal Government

David is very engaging; he inspires enthusiasm and has an excellent understanding of strategic planning versus operational planning. David’s use of questioning frameworks to explore ideas from both internal and external stakeholders was effective in obtaining data used to develop our strategic plan. David is organized and has strong analytical skills.  He outlined the project deliverables and timelines and what he promised was delivered.

Department of Nursing
Brock University

I have really enjoyed my coaching with Louise. I have completed 2 programs – the Leadership Circle 360° Profile and the Intentional Living Program and currently continuing my coaching experiencing to further my development with a leadership development plan as I continue to learn more about myself each time we meet.

The 360° Profile is a great tool to help learn about and develop oneself. Louise, with her extensive knowledge and expertise, helped make the words “pop” off the page and come alive and provide a better personal insight. We confirmed my known qualities and revealed unknown ones and other information about myself, which is helping me to become a better person and more effective leader. After taking the summer to incorporate everything into my daily routine I have re-engaged with Louise and continue to develop my leadership skills both personally and professionally. I thank Louise for showing me the way and providing me the support in my personal and professional journey.

Chief of Operations
Federal Government of Canada

My experience with Louise as my coach was extremely positive. She created trust very quickly and I was confident that she genuinely cared about my success and in helping me identify obstacles that were getting in my way. I appreciated her deep listening, perceptive insights and thought-provoking questions. As a result of working with Louise, I gained greater insights into the actions that I should take to move forward with my career decisions.

Founder and Principal Consultant, Spark HR
Business Owner

Louise’s guidance and coaching were superb.  We covered the many aspects that are critical to consider when starting and maintaining a business – and most significantly and importantly, she brought me so much closer to my truth – my essence.  I was able to give voice to this, to articulate it and move forward in a way that deeply touches and inspires me.  I believe this work is essential to creating what matters to you and is well worth the effort.

Business Owner

Louise really gets to the heart of the matter when working with you. She was able to, very quickly, pin point my challenges in getting my start-up business off the ground that I had not been able to articulate myself. She helped me find my ‘ah ha’ moments as well as helping me to put some well needed structure into my business plans and find ways to move my ideas forward. Louise is not only interested but also cares about you and your company. Refreshing!

Business Owner
Making Change Happen

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