“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Our approach to organization consultation is focused on meeting the unique needs of each client. Through a blend of process facilitation, utilization of assessment tools, and technical writing and implementation support we assist our clients in identifying and achieving their goals.

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Having a clear direction is the cornerstone of organizational success. Through the values-based strategic planning process organizations can develop (or re-develop) a vision of their future that can be embraced by the entire organization. This service provides a blend of facilitative direction-setting and development support that will allow your organization to chart a path for their future success.

A committed and engaged staff team is the foundation for organizational success. Understanding what motivates individuals and the alignment of personal and organizational values and goals are key components to a productive work environment. Through the utilization of team satisfaction tools, you can better understand the driving forces behind a productive and satisfying work environment. This service can assist you in better understanding your staff teams and sets in motion processes that aid in the recruitment, development, and retention of individuals that align with your organizational culture and values.

The setting of a clear vision and direction is only the first step to organizational success. The on-going process of reviewing and reflecting on not only what you have accomplished, but also how you have accomplished it, is crucial to the sustainability of an organization. As organizational leaders it is important to not only measure your goals and objectives, but also how your successes are achieved. Through a reflective process that is grounded in organizational vision and values, you can build a culture of lasting success.

Effective curriculum development blends the achievement of a specific set of outcomes with delivery approaches that meet the unique needs of identified learners. Such an approach to program development is effective in both structured educational environments as well as organizational training programs.  We utilize an academically grounded outcomes approach along with content expertise that supports effective curriculum development.

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