In a journal writing group I belong to; the prompt this month was to complete the sentence I Dare. I thought this was a very interesting statement and it caused me to think about how I would complete that sentence.  Here’s what I came up with.

I dare to move on with living my life completely.

I dare to look at 2019 as a gift for me to heal and grow and trust that the answers will come.

I dare to allow myself to trust and be present in the flow to receive exactly what I need right now.

I dare to be patient and know that I am in the process of establishing a new normal.

I dare to continue my practice of self-care and loving myself to honour what is important to me.

I dare to work hard in practicing and maintaining a positive mindset.

I dare to celebrate that I am healthy, alive and cancer-free.

I dare to take time to get to know myself on a deeper level, maximizing my self-awareness.

I dare to be grateful for all that I have gone through and to know that these experiences are opportunities to learn what’s next.

I dare to love myself completely and treat myself as I would treat others.

I dare to be present and absorb what is happening right now.

I dare to let go of past hurts, fears and regrets and instead live my life from a place of love and peace.

I dare to not let judgement interfere.

I dare to have a successful coaching practice.

I dare to be courageous and strong.

What do you dare to do?